Booking Request & COVID 19 Protection Policy has always been committed to maintaining a clean and safe studio for all of our rental clients and their guests.  

In this time when extra diligence is needed, we at have raised the bar even higher.  Our new hygiene regiment will include sanitizing important surfaces before every rental, including:

Makeup desktop
Drawer fronts
Makeup stool
Chair arms
Posing stool 
All door knobs
All light switches
Refrigerator door handle
Microwave door handle and buttons
Stereo controls
Bathroom sink faucets 
Toilet seat and lid

If your rental includes Elinchrom strobes, we will also sanitize:
Strobe handles
Strobe control panels
Skyport trigger
Locking knobs on light stands 

Further, we will ensure that:
Hand sanitizer is available 
Sanitizing wipes are available
Hand towel in bathroom is fresh

Thank you for choosing  We are here to provide a truly unique service for photographers and videographers, professional and the avid amateur.

In order that we can serve you well, please provide all of this information about your upcoming studio booking request.  Once date and time are confirmed as available, a payment of the 50% rental deposit.  The booking is confirmed when the 50% rental payment is received. 

A refundable security/damage deposit may be required on all rentals.   

Studio Booking

Start Time:
End Time:
Business Name:
Contact Name:
Address 2:
Postal Code:

Cell Phone: Text ok? 
E-mail Address:
Check all that apply:

Use of studio.
Use of Elinchrome BRX 500 strobes.
Use of Elinchrome ELC PRO 500 strobes. 

Preferred method
of payment:
E-mail Transfer
Credit Card

Special needs or requests:
Required Fields:

No booking is accepted without agreement on
all terms.

I have read, understand and agree with "Booking Process" terms listed below

I have read, understand and agree with "Damager Deposit" terms listed below

I have read, understand and agree with "Studio Safety" terms listed below

I have read, understand and agree with "Punctuality" terms listed below

Your rental includes: 

*Use of the studio in unit 2C.   

*Use of all light stands, paper backgrounds, muslin backgrounds, painted flats, the 3 step ladder, as well as the makeup and change area.  

*Use of all common areas inside the building and outside.  Common areas are available to the other 2 photographers in the building as well, so there may occasionally be  a short wait for a specific area.  

*Any furniture in the studio or in the hall immediately outside the studio door is available.  Please be careful not to damage furniture or the structure, and return it to the location where you found it. 

*Feel free to use the fridge, micro wave, and Keurig coffee maker.  We have non dairy whitener, if you want milk or cream, you will need to bring it with you.  

*There are soft drinks in the fridge.  There is a small cost for these, and it is on the honour system.  

*There is free wifi available on site.

Terms of rental (aka: The
fine print)

Booking Process:    In order to maintain the highest accuracy in scheduling, all rentals must be booked via this booking form.  All rentals require a 50% payment in order to hold a booking.  No rental session is promised, held or guaranteed to be available until this form has been completed, submitted, acknowledged by, and a payment of, half of the rental has been made by cash, e-mail transfer, Visa, Master Card, or credit card via PayPal.  

Damage Deposit:     All rentals require a damage deposit before any rental session can begin, unless specific arrangements have been made with the management at the time that the booking was made.  The amount of the deposit is determined based on the specifics of each rental.  This deposit is held by until your session is complete, and it is acknowledged by that there are no further costs as a result of any damages.  Damages may include, but are not limited to, damage or loss to; the studio, the equipment in the studio, or any of the furnishings.  This deposit may be paid by cash, Visa, Master Card, e-mail transfer, or credit card via PayPal.  E-mail transfer and PayPal can take half an hour or more to complete any transaction, while cash, Visa and Master Card are instant.  This transaction must be completed before your session can begin.  Refund of damage deposits are always made in by the same method that they were collected.   

Backgrounds:        The use of all backgrounds in the studio is permitted.  If, as a result of using the seamless background paper, it should become necessary to cut paper off of the roll, the renter is responsible for the cost of $7 per each foot that must be cut off.  This can be paid at the end of the rental session by the payment method that you have chosen, or will be deducted from the damage deposit.  
Studio Safety: takes safety seriously and works hard to ensure that the studio and all of the equipment in it is safe for use.  Safety is the responsibly of each individual.  If you have any questions about the safe use of any equipment, it is your responsibly to ask for assistance or educate yourself. is not responsible for any injury to you, your colleagues, clients or guests. is able to provide staff to assist your during your session upon request.  The cost for this assistant is based on your needs and should be discussed at the time of booking if you feel that it is in your best interest. 

Punctuality:      We work very hard to have our studio clean, organized and set up with any special requests that you may have, and to be ready for you at the scheduled time.  If we are late for any reason, we will extend your session to ensure that you have your full studio time and we will credit back $10 for each half hour or part that we have kept you waiting.  If you must arrive late and can’t provide at least 2 hours notice to us, we happily give you 15 minutes grace, but after the first 15 minutes, a service charge of $10 per each quarter hour or part will apply.  We will do our best to extend your session so that you get your full studio time.  However, if we have another client scheduled following you that may not be possible and there will be no credit for the lost time.

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