Studio rentals include use of studio, all backdrops, lights stands, flats, props, ladder, change area, make up area, fridge, micro wave, coffee maker, common areas of building indoors and out (subject to availability), and are based on use for still photography and not for group events.  

Rates quoted are for private photography sessions.  For video production or workshops, please inquire about rates by email or telephone.  Please include details about your production or event, including the number of people who will participate and the type of equipment you plan to bring.

Please Note:  We at HamiltonStudio.ca value your business and keep the use of our studio as economical as we possibly can.  As with all things, the cost of doing business continues to increase for all of us.  HamiltonStudio.ca has not had a rate change in over 6 years.  Even when we moved from our 500 square foot studio into our much more versatile 800 square foot studio, there was no change.  You will notice a small change in our rates as of January 1, 2019.  We appreciate your understanding.

Studio Standard: Student:

Four Hour Block $  95  $  85       
Eight Hour Block $175  $155
Additional Hours $  30  $  25

Optional Equipment

Elinchrom BRX 500 W Strobes with Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, Snoot and Grid 

Four Hour Block $ 35  $ 30   
Eight Hour Block $ 60  $ 35    
Additional Hours $ 10  $ 10

Elinchrome ELC Pro 500 Strobes with Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, Snoot and Grid

Four Hour Block $ 45  $ 40   
Eight Hour Block $ 75  $ 70    
Additional Hours $ 15  $ 15

Full Set of 4 Elinchrome Strobes with Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, Snoot and Grid

Four Hour Block $ 70  $ 60   
Eight Hour Block $ 95  $ 85    
Additional Hours $ 25  $ 20

Our On Time Guarantee

We recognize that your time is valuable.  To demonstrate that we take this seriously, we guarantee your start time! 

We work very hard to have our studio clean, organized and set up with any special requests that you may have, and to be ready for you at the scheduled time.  If we are late for any reason, we will extend your session to ensure that you have your full studio time and we will credit back $10 for each half hour or part that we have kept you waiting.  

Some times things can happen to prevent being on time.  We know that you recognize our time as being valuable too and we appreciate you keeping us informed if you need to make a change to your arrival time.  If you must arrive late and can’t provide at least 2 hours notice to us, we happily give you 15 minutes grace, but after the first 15 minutes, a service charge of $10 per each quarter hour or part will apply.  We will do our best to extend your session so that you get your full studio time.  However, if we have another client scheduled following you that may not be possible and there will be no credit for the lost time.

All rentals require a refundable security/damage deposit.  

Payment can be made in cash, by e-mail transfer or by credit card.  
We are not able to accept cheques.
We reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee, up to the amount of the rental deposit. 
All rental fees are subject to HST.    
HST # 76586587658765
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