is Hamilton's RENTAL studio!

HamiltonStudio.ca & COVID 19 Protection Policy

HamiltonStudio.ca has always been committed to maintaining a clean and safe studio for all of our rental clients and their guests.  

In this time when extra diligence is needed, we at HamiltonStudio.ca have raised the bar even higher.  Our new hygiene regiment will include sanitizing important surfaces before every rental, including:

Makeup desktop

Drawer fronts

Makeup stool

Chair arms

Posing stool 

All door knobs

All light switches

Refrigerator door handle

Microwave door handle and buttons

Stereo controls

Bathroom sink faucets 

Toilet seat and lid

If your rental includes Elinchrom strobes, we will also sanitize:

Strobe handles

Strobe control panels

Skyport trigger

Locking knobs on light stands 

Further, we will ensure that:

Hand sanitizer is available 

Sanitizing wipes are available

Hand towel in bathroom is fresh

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As a photographer, or a video producer, you probably do the majority of your work on location.  Maybe you’re working at it part time, or you’re an avid amateur.  You can’t justify a permanent studio, but there are times you would use a studio if you could.

HamiltonStudio.ca is YOUR studio to use by the day, or by the half day, when you need one.  

HamiltonStudio.ca can be found tucked in front of railroad tracks across from historical Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario.  It’s LOADED with character, and has everything you need.  Located in a former factory with lofty ceilings, brick walls, original windows, and spacious wooden floors - Interior or exterior shooting - its the perfect backdrop!

Interior/ Exterior
Seamless paper backgrounds, muslin backdrops including black, painted scenery and “green screen”, 4’X8’ painted flats, light stands, a 30 inch step ladder for creative high angles, and a chest full of props are at your disposal.  

For your convenience and the comfort of your guests, we provide; a private change area, a makeup station equipped with high wattage lights and large mirror, a small seating area complete with fridge, microwave and coffee maker.   Additionally, powered audio speakers can be utilized in a variety of ways by connecting through your laptop or iPod.

Optional equipment is available as needed.  Use the space with your own gear, or rent our Elinchrom strobes with soft boxes and umbrellas.  

When you use HamiltonStudio.ca, you also have use of the common areas inside the building proper.  

This includes: a charming wooden staircase accentuated by natural light from east facing windows or the warmth of the crystal chandelier as well as the fully functioning, Vintage freight elevator.  The exterior grounds are yours to use as well.  There is a beautiful steel fire escape on the west wall, the escarpment rises up in the south, and a rail road track off set by a retaining wall is just 50 feet away.

There is some on site parking for your convenience.
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